Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Running Bat!!

The Running Bat!!

Those who know me, know that I have many odd little fears! However creatures that flap their wings are a major fear.

I  cannot remember the exact moment this dislike started. Perhaps it was always there or it grew with each 'run in' I have had. To prove the validity of my fear, below is a brief history of 'interactions' with these beasts.
  1.  Picture a bright sunny day. Two families having a BBQ at Caloundra. One happy and none the wiser 10 year old sits down to eat. As she settles in and leans in to take her first bite, a seagull flying above decides that it needs to empty its stomach - right on the poor 10 year old's head! There was much screaming and running to a tap to say the least!!
  2.  Cute little girl blissfully out in a park. Sees a goose and is curious. She walks up to the animal and points. The goose greets her by biting her fingers!! Child screams in shock and starts to cry.
  3. Innocent girl walking home from school. Minding her own business when suddenly a magpie swoops at her. She ducks and covers her head. Holding this awkward position for a few moments, she feels that it might be safe to get back up again. As she stands the magpie comes at her again...this time pulling at her hair. Girls screams, flaps her arms like a wild creature and runs up the street fearing for her life and hair.
Any one of the above would put the fear of these creatures into any human, let alone all of the above. I have spent my life in fear of being attacked by these vile animals. (OK look some of them are cute from a distance but there needs to be a distance. Like owls they are cute!) I feel like they hold some sort of personal grudge against me and plan their attacks. I know that it sounds like I am exaggerating the situations. In fact 2 weeks ago, my friend, lets call her E, thought I was nuts. I believe after what happened she believes me when I say that creatures with flapping wings are out to get me - In a planned organised manner!! :)

The events went like this...

Run Night 1 - The High Circle
Was late at night - around 10pm. Had the urge to exercise. These are rare urges so I take advantage of them when I get them - no matter the time. Got ready and headed out. Made it up my street and turned on to the main road. All was going well till I was waiting at a set of lights to cross the road. Something catches the corner of my eye in the sky. A black shape in the dark sky. I looked up and saw it. The bat. It circled above me and went into a tree. has spotted me - I am a marked woman. It is no longer safe for me out there
Run Night 2 - The Mid Circle
The next night. Another exercise urge. I accept it and decided bat or no bat I am heading out. Same thing. Ran up my street and onto the main road. Walked to the lights and had to stop and wait. I look up...Disaster...The bat makes its circle again - only this time it is not so high in the air. I mention this to E. She half laughs at me and is like - You will be OK.
Run Night 3 - The Low Circle
A few days later. The urge is back. Only this time E decides to join me. Same routine. Up my street and onto the main road, stop at the lights waiting to cross. I feel it - it is about to appear. I grab E's attention and point out the bat. It circles us but this time it lower than the other night again. E just laughs and is like - We will be OK. I fear that we will not but we press on.
Run Night 4 - The Attack
Tonight was different. Well the same but the bat was different. I ventured out with E for some exercise. We went up the street on to the main road and to the intersection where the bat would circle us. But there is no bat. I was like wow - It has either gone or died. I am finally safe! We run on, down the main road to the Woolies and back up the other side. E and I did our last big sprint for the night and were in cool down mode. Making our way up the main road to turn into our street. Almost at the intersection to cross - E is walking a little ahead of me when suddenly out of the trees the bats swoops at us, missing E's head by millimetres. She runs and I hit the ground screaming. I see it fly off to do a circle and return - we waste no time! E and I bolt up the street and away from the bat! E turns to me and I can see it written on her face - I believe you now!! :)

We are yet to venture back down that route! I fear from my life and E now understands why. To add to my not wanting to run into this creature on the news the other day was a story about a woman who was attacked by a bat and now she is being tested for rabies and I am sure a million other illness. So there we have it people! The bats are out to get us or maybe they are all out to get just me :(!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog?!

To blog or not to blog? That is the question?!

This account was activated quite some time ago. The want to blog was there, but what to blog was not! It is very disastrous to have writers block before you even start writing and this is what I was battling. Ideas would come...but very quickly I was like - 'Yeah, whatever, No.'

However the other day, I was on Facebook (don't judge me we all know you have Facebook) and saw to the side of my profile a section that showed what I posted a year or two ago. A sort of on this day in 2009 or 2010 you wrote blah blah blah. I started reading my little posts of Facebook and noticed that I always have the odd crazy story. That something that either brightened your day or frustrated it - but somehow when you look back on it with family and friends you always laugh.

It was then I worked out how to cure my writers block. My blog would not be about fashion or design or little things I love (I will confess that I will not be surprised it it creeps in!!) but about those crazy things that happen. My blog is going to be about those little life adventures and stories. Some will make you cringe in pain, or have you running for your life in fear or even pee a little in your pants from laughter.

So...stay tuned :) Adventure past and future to be posted soon!!